How to Use Video to Market Your Small Business on Social Media

With 2018 almost half-way completed, how is digital marketing going to further evolve?

How can we exploit new technologies to get better, faster and more focused results in our marketing?

And most importantly, how can we better capture customers’ short attention and increase sales figures?

Video marketing is still the new kid in town and has become the most engaging way companies interact with their audiences. With YouTube and Facebook live streaming, Instagram and Snapchat all upgrading their video platforms, there’s a lot more to do with video. This means that customers will be expecting more – more creativity, content, and more connection.

What does this mean for video marketing in 2018 going forward?

Welcome to the age of hyper-personalisation

With information being the new gold, there is a greater need for more brand interaction and engagement. It seems the more technologized we become, human connection becomes a scarce commodity. Video marketing allows customers to experience a connection with the brands they purchase from. People want to be able to pose questions, express themselves and have their complaints addressed.

As such, live streaming videos whether on Facebook Live, Snapchat, or Instagram streaming are advancing more and more. These videos are recorded in real time, so this medium allows customers to have a conversation with the companies or brands they purchase or subscribe to. In today’s digital age, video marketing is all about using your personality to build emotional relationships and authentic connections.

No compromise on quality

Video quality and capability have come a long way. As such, the days of pixelated, handheld, shaky videos no longer are accepted. Technology has improved camera quality and your customers are looking for sharp, clean and crisp content. Invest in a quality camera or smartphone. An eye-pleasing backdrop and sound video editing skills works in your favour. This way your rich content doesn’t get ignored due to shaky hands or inaudible sounds.

Remember, the attention span is a few seconds short. So, if your presentation isn’t pleasing to the senses, people will simply watch someone else!

Mobile Mobile Mobile!

It’s 2018 and an increasing number of people are watching videos on mobile devices – cell phones, tablets as opposed to desktops and even laptops. Optimise your videos for mobile so that the content and overall quality are not compromised. Ideally, you want your web page to load and look the same on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. If you share videos from your website, ensure that your web design is responsive to mobile. Live streaming videos on YouTube and Facebook usually are optimised to be viewed on mobile devices.

Deliver the value fast!

You could have the best content or delivery, there will always be customers who just can’t sit through your thirty-minute tutorial because something else catches their attention. To minimise your risk of the mental discard pile, take the first 5-10 seconds of your video to communicate your purpose and what the viewers will learn. What will they benefit from? Tell them upfront because mindless rambling from the heart will have them reaching for that top right-hand corner close off button! Keeping recordings under 18 minutes will ensure that your video is short enough to not be a drag but long enough to provide sufficient content

As time progresses, the digital world is only going to get more focused and concise as customers get more demanding. Making the most of video requires insight. Customers want the truth. Be authentic and personable and provide high-quality videos that they can access on mobile devices. Lastly, let them know what’s in it for them upfront. It’s why they’re watching you, so giving them what they want ends in a sale for you.

by Renaldo Singh



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