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Did you know that there are currently 1.6 billion email users, or put differently 54% of the entire world with an email address? Email is the new mailman and provides users with the simple convenience of getting messages immediately to friends, family and for business “consumers”.

Consumers really enjoy the convenience of getting important business messages in this manner as it also provides the additional benefit of privacy and security.

Currently, it estimated that anyone who has an email address now gets an average of ten (10) emails daily from various companies.   Email marketing is now being used in the following ways:

  • Billing
  • Service Assurance
  • Promotion of Goods and Services.
  • Business Communications.
  • Retention Strategies.

Email is a great way to connect and engage with your customers and prospects in a meaningful way.

Grow your clientele using communication that matters to them for enhancing their customer journey.

Email marketing given its extended capabilities allows you to understand your clientele’s behaviors for segmentation and personalized communication based on client needs.

Chirp Email Marketing Service

We offer Professional, Elegant, Smart, and Relevant Email Marketing solutions that are right for your campaign from a selection of stunning, professionally designed templates that render beautifully across all devices and dynamic content.

With our interface and smart delivery system we can send, manage and track campaigns.  Our service also provides information for behavioral targeting and give you the ability to send highly targeted and timely automated campaigns.

Oh, let’s not forget the world is a better place as it is all green.

How do you get Started?

If you are ready to proceed, simply drop us a line and one of our experienced consultants will contact you for understanding your business needs and website objectives.   We can usually commence the design an email campaign once the content is available within five (5) days. 

How do I find out more ?

To find out more about our Email Plans, contact us for a confidential chat about your Email requirements.