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Are you leaving messages in bottles hoping your audience will walk along and find them on the sand or at the side of the road?  This may sound like a foolish question, but if you are not using email marketing yet as a tool for strategically reaching your potential customers, then the harsh reality is that you are.

Email marketing is one of the mightiest online marketing techniques available to organizations and businesses for interacting with your audience and promoting your business in a very simple yet efficient way. With email marketing you have the opportunity to craft personalized offers to your existing clientele and prospects who have shown interest in your product offering.

Artificial Intelligence and marketing automation is also immersed in email marketing and aids email campaign developers with creating content that is most relevant, appropriate and time specific for a individual or group, be they existing or potential customers. It strives not only to replace the traditional (and somewhat arduous) segmentation processes currently in action but to completely transform the levels of relevancy that we, as marketers, are capable of providing to consumers.

Email marketing extends to users cost savings and the ability to gather analytics for interacting effectively with your target audience. The ability to monitor opens, clicks and other interactions with your email marketing campaign gives you the advantage of knowledge whereby – you can steer your content, design and tailor message content in the desired direction for providing awareness, encouraging interest for desire and action. It allows for the increased potential of converting leads into sales.

However, email marketing campaigns must be well designed to produce positive results. Wouldn’t you like that amongst the hundreds of emails hitting your prospects and clients mailbox, your emails gets opened.  Email marketing requires “know how” – so you need to work smart on your email content and ensure that your Call-to-Action (CTA) really triggers the recipient to action.

Emails are still essentially the safest and the most cost-effective marketing channel when used adequately. Don’t feel overwhelmed – we have compiled seven simple tips that can help you create and execute your email marketing campaigns. Use them as a guide or checklist that will lead you to email marketing success!

Creating Email Campaigns

First you need to understand that creating email campaign can be simple or complex depending on your campaign’s objective. However, one major point we want emphasize is that in your email message connect in a personal manner for ensuring that your readers connect with your message and feel as if you are contacting them personally.

Factors of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Here are some important factors and tips that can help businesses in developing effective campaigns on their own.

Step 1: Be Concise

When it comes to email content, it’s all about crafting a clear and crisp message. Start by choosing one central focus and CTA that you’d like to emphasize. Make sure the text on the CTA states the action you want the reader to make – the customer needs to know what to expect after clicking.

Step 2: Create a Beautiful Design

Attractive design can go a long way to driving conversions. Pictures will help, but make sure they are not essential to comprehending the message because many recipients will not see graphics on their email browsers.

Step 3: Double-check and Test

Your campaign has to render well in all email browsers so make sure you double and triple check if all the links and buttons in your email work and lead to the right places. Be 100% confident about every aspect of your campaign before you hit “send”.

Step 4: Don’t Make Mistakes

Showing your campaign to someone else might also be helpful when it comes to spotting grammar mistakes. Even if it is human to make mistakes, having several spelling errors in an email campaign can leave a sloppy and unprofessional impression.

Step 5: Create a Strong Landing Page

Design a powerful landing page with a clear and attractive CTA. Remember – landing page closes the deal, so its message has to be even stronger than the message of the email. 

Step 6: Optimize for Mobile

If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, optimizing it for mobile devices is no longer a nice-to-have, but a definite must. Make sure that all the aspects of your email campaigns and landing pages perform well on smartphones and tablets.


It’s time to explore email marketing for shaping your strategy in 2020.

Email marketing continues to provide an array of benefits to marketers, from building trust to providing some of the greatest ROIs of any digital channel.

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