Bridge for Sale – Change the inevitable game-changer.

Choluteca Bridge

No! The bridge is not really for sale. Although, I feel certain if the Government of Honduras could sell it they would.

This is a picture of the Choluteca Bridge in Honduras, Central America. It was taken right after Hurricane Mitch devastated the Caribbean in 1998. One hundred and fifty bridges were damaged or destroyed but the most modern of all the bridges, The Choluteca Bridge survived intact but suffered perhaps the greatest indignity, the river moved right out from under it. This bridge was the only bridge left standing after the storm swept through. The Japanese company that built the bridge is proud of it because it shows the strength of its construction.

The reality, however, is that the magnitude of the storm shifted the course of the river rendering it useless. It stands as a relic demonstrating the reality of change in the world from both a personal and business perspective.

The new Choluteca bridge was a modern-day marvel of design and engineering. It was opened officially to the public in 1998. People from nearby villages drove from one side of the river to the other just to admire its mighty structure. A few months would pass before Hurricane Mitch would hit Honduras, plundering it leaving behind major devastation and Havoc in its path. Honduras experienced a downpour of 75 inches of rain in four days. The Choluteca Riverbanks swelled and the entire region flooded, leaving more than 7,000 dead and many others hurt.

The mighty structure of the Choluteca Bridge was the only bridge left standing, a great feat for the construction company, save and except for the fact that it was now standing over bare land, and connecting to nowhere as all connecting roads had been swept away. The impact of the torrential downpour and flooding changed the course of the river, creating a new path that now flowed beside the bridge.

The bridge was strong and withstood the gale force winds of Hurricane Mitch, but sadly it became a bridge over nothing leading to nowhere rendering it useless with neither purpose nor function.

We can learn a lot from this lesson in time as it speaks to the reality of life, one must constantly “adapt” to survive.

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